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Veterinary Business Matters Podcast- Perspectives From Vet School

We have been fortunate in our various equine and companion animal hospitals to have had some excellent summer students working for us over the years. For the past two summers we  had 3 students in the same class at the Ontario Veterinary College. In this podcast I speak with Michelle DaCosta, Marisa Markey and Samantha Molson. All are entering 3rd year. I have known Michelle and Samantha for two years and close to five for Marisa so I have noticed a change in them over time in their knowledge of the veterinary profession, and what it will be like in 2 years when they graduate. It’s a pretty sobering discussion for them, yet all of them have excellent ideas on how vet colleges can better prepare students for the profession, and what the three of them will do to seek employment.


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