Business education is not a core part of the veterinary school curriculum, so it is no wonder many veterinarians lack the skills and knowledge to build a successful and profitable veterinary practice.

Oculus Insights was formed to be the veterinary business education solution. Our goal is to offer business education opportunities for veterinarians, and their key support staff throughout the world. We believe that strong business skills lead to better veterinary businesses, which in turn results in better outcomes for clients and patients. Our programs are helping create the future leaders of the veterinary profession.

Oculus Insights offers three unique business education programs for veterinarians and key staff members.

The Veterinary Business School

Oculus Insights developed the Veterinary Business School (VBS) to give veterinarians and key staff member’s practical business education and tools that can be easily implemented into practice so they can realize immediate success. This five-year curriculum is designed like no other with a flexible schedule to allow the busy equine practitioner or manager to reach a high level of knowledge. This results in immediate improvement to practice operations without the time and expense of traditional MBA programs.

Equine Business Management Strategies

Equine Business Management Strategies (EBMS) is the equine veterinary industry’s signature annual business education conference for equine veterinarians, and their key staff leaders. The conference brings together high-level educators, thought leaders, and influential business people from inside and outside the equine veterinary industry. It is a forum for strategic business education and discussions on the most pressing industry issues. Participants come away from the program with the ability to view their practices as business enterprises and not just equine veterinary clinics, or hospitals.

2016 Oculus International Equine Summit

Oculus Insights is proud to offer the first International Equine Summit in China for veterinarians from the East and West, as well as horse trainers and other equestrians. Our goal is to educate participants about the fast growing and untapped Chinese equestrian industry and help elevate the level of professional equine (veterinary) care in emerging countries.