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Bullying and Shaming in Veterinary Medicine – The VBM Podcast with Dr. Betsy Charles

About a year ago I began hearing more and more stories from students and young colleagues about some of the miserable ways they were treated at school, and in their first jobs. Meanwhile, for the longest time I have been disappointed by the way veterinary professionals treat each other on veterinary Listservs, and even at CE meetings; […]

Is Your Veterinary Business Spending Too Much to Get Clients?

As business owners we typically only use a handful of metrics, or Key Performance Indicators, (KPI) to assess how well our business is doing.  Most of us will look at our financial statements, which include our income, or profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. KPIs taken from financial statements are excellent […]

Bronwyn Zuchowski on Creating Customer Profiles – Podcast

I was fortunate to attend a workshop that Wynnie Zuchowski led to a group of veterinarians and practice managers on creating buyer personas. I had never heard anyone in our profession discuss this subject so well. It is a fundamental part of a marketing strategy and we never seem to do this as veterinarians. Wynnie […]

Things You Don’t Want to Hear at Dinner

The other night my wife, and business partner, and I went out for dinner. We like to be in the mix of the action so we sat at the bar ready for a great dinner. When you sit at the bar you never know who might sit next to you. We have struck up conversations […]

What’s The Problem With Millennials?

Picture Credit – https://shannonfinn.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/back-to-school-differences-between-starting-phase-1-and-starting-phase-2/ When I tell other veterinarians that 98% of the people I work with are female, and 75% of our employees are Millennials I am faced with shaking heads and disbelief. “How can you work with all those women and young people” they ask. Surprisingly, many of those asking about working with “all […]

Thrive – Resiliency in Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Colleen Best

Dr. Colleen Best has been a past participant of the Veterinary Business Matters podcast because of her research on communication in veterinary medicine. Colleen was the person that taught me in our conversation that communication skills should be a core competency for veterinarians. I had reached out to Colleen to see if she can join […]