An Effective Accounts Receivable System for Equine Veterinarians

  We can all agree that equine veterinary practice is very hard work. What makes it even tougher after the long hours, fractious horses, challenging cases, and miles on the road, is when we don’t get paid for our services. Despite this, many equine vets resist implementing an accounts receivable strategy. Whether it is because […]

Veterinary Business Matters Podcast #26 – Optimal Client Communications with Dr. Colleen Best

I was moderating a session at the AAEP Business Education meeting in August when I heard a line from a presenter that made me sit up straight and grab a pen to write the line down – Client communication should be a core competency for a veterinarian. Wow, how true! The person presenting was Dr. […]

Veterinary Business Matters Podcast #19 – Developing a Culture of Customer Service

Earlier this summer I sent one of our receptionists at our companion animal practice to a one day seminar on customer service hosted by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. It was called “Frontline Bootcamp for Frontline Staff”. Our staff member came back on cloud nine. She was enthused, excited and pumped to institute all of […]

An Inadvertent Lesson for Veterinarians on How Not to Generate Business

  This week I would like to welcome Dr. Melissa McKee  as a guest blogger. She had an interesting interaction last week that was too good (or bad) not to share. Regardless of what business you are in there are simple and effective ways to communicate with prospective clients. Sometimes these simple techniques are forgotten […]

Veterinary Practice Culture; create your own DNA

Every vet practice has a culture whether it is by intent or default. Simply defined, the culture is the DNA of the business, or how a business looks and behaves. It encompasses how they treat their clients, patients, each other and how they offer their services. Up until now the foundation of most vet practice […]

Showing The Love

There is one comment from a client that I am sure makes all equine vets cringe when they here it.  For the non-vets reading  here it is – “I have spent so much money with your vet practice over the years that I paid for part of your clinic”. My jaw clenched as I was […]

The Mystery of Client Satisfaction

I’m lying awake in a hotel room at 3 AM. It’s not because I’m thinking about a troubling case or worried about the economy. I’m awake because my room is right beside a busy freeway and the truck traffic has been non-stop all night. Not to mention the late night party guys who are loudly […]